Do I need a Plumber or a Heating Engineer?

Do I need a Plumber or a Heating Engineer?

Posted on May 21, 2019

The two roles can seem quite similar which explains the possible confusion. Let us help you!

The roots of plumbing originate from Roman times! The word plumbum means “lead” in Latin and of course, plumbers in these times used to work with lead pipes. The modern plumber of course no longer works with lead. Today plumbers tend to work on wet and dry pipes. Whether its a drain, a washing machine, a dishwasher or a sink – if there is an issue with a leak it’s a plumber you need to call.


Some plumbers are capable and qualified to work on heating appliances, radiators, and boilers – it is always best to make sure or just to contact a heating engineer. Better to be safe than sorry!

Plumbers seem to have blurred the lines between who you should be calling with their array of services offered. If utilising a plumber for boilers or heating systems, it is vital to check they are gas safe –

It’s also important to note, just because a plumber is gas safe doesn’t mean they are qualified to work on boilers too as they could only be lawfully permitted to work on a gas stove for example! The gas industry is highly regulated to ensure works are carried out to the highest standards and importantly, safely. To add to this, Aura Heating is Which? Trusted Traders, proud members of Trustpilot and come highly rated on Checkatrade. So, proceed with a company you can rely on and a company that cares.

Heating Engineers

Heating engineers tend to be specialists, only working on heating and not particularly venturing into other aspects of works. If the issues you are having are within your heating system or your boiler, the safest and most efficient route is to contact a heating engineer. Whilst heating engineers works sound very niche, they cover a whole breadth of services – repairs, maintenance, monitoring, and installation – among others!

We, Aura Heating, are an accredited installer for leading boiler manufacturers. This means that we have the expert product knowledge and can offer the same guarantees and repairs services. We also carry out general installation, repair, and service.

Let us make it simple for you – contact us for assistance with your issues and we can advise! Enjoy up to a 12-year guarantee and quick and easy installation. All of our engineers are GasSafe Registered, each with extensive experience performing countless installations.

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