Do Magnetic Filters Really Work?

Do Magnetic Filters Really Work?

Posted on March 13, 2022

If you want your home to stay well heated, then it’s vital that you maintain your heating system and ensure it’s working properly. 

Did you know that over time your heating system will start to build up with rust, debris and other unwanted materials, creating sludge?

No one wants their boiler to break down – But sludge is a common reason for it to happen. This means you need to take good care of your heating system, making sure it stays as clean as possible. One effective way to do this is by using a magnetic filter or scale. 

What is a magnetic filter for your boiler?

This handy attachment is fitted to your heating system. The magnetic filter is attached to the pipe that returns the water to your boiler. This means that any unwanted waste materials like rust or debris is prevented from getting into the system. 

The magnetic filter attracts any metallic particles in the central heating system, and stores them away from it. Not only does this stop them from creating sludge, it also prevents any disruption to the flow of water through the system. 

Can I install a magnetic filter for my boiler myself?

We always recommend that you hire a professional heating engineer to carry out any work or installations on your heating system and boiler. Even though magnetic filters are quite straightforward to install, you should never attempt to do it yourself if you’re even slightly unsure of the process. 

A professional heating engineer will always be happy to give you help and advice should you need it, but our recommendation would always be to leave it to the experts. 

How is a magnetic filter installed for a combi boiler system?

The process for installing a magnetic filter for a heating system using a combi boiler will usually follow these steps:

  1. The central heating system will be drained of water
  2. The heating engineer will mark the pipe where the magnetic filter will be located. Bear in mind that magnetic filters come in different sizes, so depending on how big it is will affect the amount of pipework.
  3. A section of pipe will be cut and removed to leave space for the magnetic filter. 
  4. Once the pipe has been removed, a valve will be placed on each of the open ends of the remaining pipe. 
  5. The magnetic filter is then put in place and connected securely to the valve on each side. 
  6. You may find that after it has been fitted, you need to re-pressurise your heating system. 

As we said above, we would always recommend using a qualified heating engineer to carry out any work on your heating system. 

If you are installing a new boiler, then it’s the ideal time to install a magnetic filter too. Magnetic filters are most commonly added to a heating system during the installation process. 

Of course, it may also be appropriate to add a magnetic filter to an already existing heating system. We would recommend that you have a heating engineer come and take a look at your existing boiler to check that it is worth installing the magnetic filter. Imagine if you installed a magnetic filter, only to find out afterwards that you need a new boiler! 

What are the benefits of a magnetic filter for your central heating system?

There are lots of benefits of installing a magnetic filter to your heating system! 

  • It keeps your heating system run efficiently and effectively by removing the amount of debris, thus preventing sludge building up
  • What does better efficiency mean? Lower energy bills! A better functioning heating system will keep your energy costs as low as possible
  • When sludge does build up from the debris the filter removes, all you have to do is remove and clean the filter – Instead of the whole boiler system! Cleaning a filter is a much easier job. 
  • Using a magnetic filter in your heating system will help to reduce the risk of boiler breakdowns and costly repairs later on. 
  • Maintaining your boiler system with a magnetic filter will help prolong the life of your boiler. Did you know that it could even increase the length of your boiler warranty?

Want to install a magnetic filter for your heating system? 

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