Heat pumps vs gas boilers – which is best?

Heat pumps vs gas boilers – which is best?

Posted on March 15, 2023

Heat pumps VS gas boilers

Most UK residents are currently using gas boilers to heat their homes. According to the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), some 85% of homes in England, Scotland and Wales have a gas boiler, with further homes using alternative fossil fuels such as oil or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as their primary source of heat.

However, with more people becoming climate-conscious, there has been a recent rise in the use of heat pumps. Heat pumps take heat from either the outside air or the ground and use it to warm up your property. Unlike fossil fuels, heat pumps don’t release carbon dioxide every time they’re used.

Let’s compare using heat pumps vs a gas boiler as your source of heat to investigate which is best.


There’s no doubt that the latest gas boiler models are very efficient – but air-source heat pumps are even more so. The best gas boilers are 90-94% efficient, meaning that some heat will always be lost when they’re used. Air source heat pumps, however, are 300-400% efficient. So for every kilowatt of electricity they use, they produce three to four times more heat.

Running costs

Until recently, gas boilers were the most cost-effective source of heat due to the high cost of electricity. However, an analysis by the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) shows that heating a home with a very efficient heat pump can save households more than £200 per year. A gas boiler would cost, on average, £984 per year compared to a heat pump, which could cost as little as £723 per year.

If your home has solar panels, this cost will significantly reduce since you wouldn’t be so reliant on the grid for power.


The average lifespan of a boiler is 10 to 15 years. To maximise this, you must get the appliance professionally serviced yearly. An air source heat pump will typically last at least 20 years – and even up to 30 years if it’s well maintained. Here at Aura Heating, we provide affordable care plans from only £12.25 per month to ensure your heat pump is working at max efficiency all year round.


Compared to gas boilers, the high cost of air-source heat pumps is a crucial reason why people shy away from choosing a heat pump. For purchase and installation, a gas boiler costs between £1,000-£4,000, while a heat pump costs £7,000-13,000.

However, the government is keen to encourage people to switch to more sustainable forms of heating, so there is grant funding available to many households.

Eligibility is based on household income and the existing energy efficiency of your home. Your property must also have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The grant includes the installation costs for the heat pump and radiators but not underfloor heating.

Here at Aura Heating Limited, we have worked in the grant-funded sector for over a decade and are pleased to be able to offer 100% grants to owner-occupiers for Air Source Heat Pumps.

Heat pump and boiler Installation

Qualified professionals should install both gas boilers and heat pumps. As MCS Certified Installers covering Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Dorset, south London, Berkshire and Wiltshire, our heating engineers at Aura Gas can install both appliances. If you’re looking for air source heat pump installation, we will provide a comprehensive quote for the work, confirm your eligibility for funding, and apply for the grant on your behalf. Enquire today about air source heat pumps today.