How To Know When To Upgrade Your Boiler

How To Know When To Upgrade Your Boiler

Posted on September 10, 2016


Few things work as hard in our homes as the central heating boiler. Heating accounts for around 60 per cent of an average home’s annual fuel bill, so the efficiency of the boileris very important. Modern condensing boilers are extremely efficient and are mostly A-rated for energy-efficiency, using less fuel to heat water and radiators whilst reducing carbon emissions and lowering bills. Many homes, however, are still using inefficient central heating systems that are long past their best and simply burning money. If you were to upgrade your boiler, what benefits could it have?

Time for a Change?

Many are put off a boiler replacement by what they are worried will be high boiler replacement costs, but the savings made via lower bills will easily offset the cost in a short period of time. And many reputable heating contractors now offer finance packages to help spread the cost.

So how do you know when it’s time for a change? A good rule of thumb is your boiler’s age. If it is between ten and fifteen years old, there’s likely a more efficient model which will offer savings straight away. Another tell-tale sign is that you’ve had to call out an engineer a few times to repair the boiler and that the parts required for the repair are becoming costly and harder to find.

If you’re thinking that the water is taking a little longer to heat up than it used to, or if your house simply doesn’t feel as warm, then it’s definitely time to consider a change. More worryingly, maybe there’s strange noises coming from the boiler or there’s a faint smell or dark marks around the boiler casing. Don’t ignore these things, as boiler upgrades bring peace of mind and improved safety as well as financial savings.

Get the Job Done Properly

Having made your decision, you’ll need someone experienced in boiler upgrades to get the work done for you. As mentioned earlier, many reputable heating contractors will offer finance packages helping you to spread the cost. Make sure the installer is Gas Safe Registered, get three quotes to make sure you get the best deal, and use someone local that can quickly deal with any issues. Ask to see customer testimonials for their previous work, and make sure you keep all documentation somewhere safe. And don’t forget that the best time to get the work done is when you’re not relying on the heating. Summer is when installers will be quieter, and you can get the work all done and dusted ready for winter.

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