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Air Source Heat Pump Installers for the South

Heat pumps are the future of heating for those who want to cut their carbon emissions and embrace a greener lifestyle. Powered by electricity, they capture heat from outside your property and move it inside via a network of tubes, which act like a refrigerator in reverse. As a result, no fuel is burned, and no carbon is emitted, making heat pumps a truly eco-friendly option.  

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Why Switch to an Air Source Heat Pump?

There are multiple benefits to having an Air Source Heat Pump installed. These include:

  • Low carbon emissions: Heat Pumps don’t produce any carbon emissions since they are operated solely by electricity. That means they’re a green way of keeping your home cosy year-round. 
  • Highly efficient – With their highly efficient operation, Heat Pumps use minimal electricity and can deliver over 300% efficiency, compared to a gas boiler’s 92-94% efficiency.
  • Built to last – Air Source Heat Pumps have a lifespan of at up to 20 years, compared to the typical 10-15 year lifespan of a gas boiler.
  • Effective in cold weather – Heat Pumps can function in temperatures as low as -15℃, so you’ll never have to worry about it getting too cold.
  • Low maintenance – The robust design of Heat Pumps means they need little regular maintenance. However, an annual service should be enough to ensure they’re running efficiently.
  • Safe – Radiators don’t get as hot when heated from an Air Source Heat Pump, meaning the system is safer for family homes. However, flow temperatures can reach 55℃, so extra care should be taken with young children. 

How can I save with an Air Source Heat Pump?

The average heat pump cost is between £8,000 – £14,000, but grants are available to help with purchase and installation, and the long-term savings are significant. 

At Aura Heating, we work in the grant-funded sector and can offer 100% grants for Air Source Heat Pump installation to owner-occupiers and tenants via ECO 4. In addition, we have access to the Government’s Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) and Local Authority Delivery (LAD) schemes, meaning we can pass on fantastic savings to our customers. Contact us today to check your eligibility for a Heat Pump and if you are not eligible, we can provide a quote.

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Is an Air Source Heat Pump right for my home?

Air Source Heat Pumps are suitable for a range of property types, so whether you have a flat or a detached house, you could have one installed. 

Ensuring your home is energy efficient and adequately insulated will ensure you get the most benefit from your heating system; this is particularly important if you are considering an Air Source Heat Pump. Like underfloor heating, an Air Source Heat Pump warms your home gently and relies on the fabric of the building to retain heat. Therefore, Heat Pumps work best when installed at an already energy-efficient property. If you are considering one, we recommend ensuring that your home is properly insulated before engaging an installer. Aura Heating can offer advice and support in relation to the energy loss of your property and insulation requirements.

National grants such as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme are available to provide financial support for people wanting to install insulation in their homes.

How Can I Have an Air Source Heat Pump Installed?

If you’d like to discuss having a heat pump installed at your property, get in touch with our heat pump installers at Aura Heating. We’ll visit you to conduct a site survey, energy assessment, and sound assessment, talk you through the products and grant funding options.

There’s no need to apply for grant funding yourself – as MCS Certified installers; we’ll do that on your behalf. All you need to do is decide if you’re happy to proceed, and if so, arrange a convenient date for work to begin. Depending on the condition of your pipework and the size of your radiators, work may be between 2 days to a week, but we’ll ensure you face as little disruption to your routine as possible.  

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Why Choose Aura Heating for my Heat Pump Installation?

At Aura Heating, we are a team of experienced MCS Certified installers with the expertise to carry out safe, efficient Heat Pump installation. Established in 2005, we have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and high-quality products and can offer ongoing support for all our customers after installation. 

Our team covers Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex, and we have an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot. Look at our reviews to find out what previous customers have said about us.

Some of our customer reviews

  • DM D’Cunha
    1 week ago
    Professional, punctual and polite. Thankyou for the work fitting my new boiler.
  • Patricia Jones
    1 week ago
    Nothing was too much trouble & i found everyone professional & yet very friendly. If i had any questions, they would be answered clearly, precisely & in a friendly manner. First class. I’m not very sure what date my boiler was installed.
  • Nick
    1 week ago
    A heartfelt thank you for outstanding service i wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for the exceptional service provided by your team in fitting our new boiler. From start to finish, the process was hassle-free and efficient, making what could have been a stressful experience remarkably read more
  • Stephanie Northcott
    2 weeks ago
    Really happy with the work carried out installing a fab new boiler. New thermostats fitted to the radiators and even the leak on my kitchen tap (which i’ve had for 8 years! ) has stopped now! Really nice people to deal with too. Thank you!
  • Lynne Dryden
    3 weeks ago
    The team had an engineer visit within 24 hrs of my contacting them. The engineer was friendly, professional and thorough. He explained everything he was doing. I am very impressed with the service i received.
  • Consumer
    1 month ago
    I was very pleased with aura heating. Gary the boiler fitter who arrived was very professional and always willing to help in anything we wanted to know. He explained thoroughly so we understood. After his work he left everything spotless. So would i recommend aura heating “read more
  • Greg Floyd
    1 month ago
    Quick and simple no drama boiler replacement. My 15 year old boiler needed replacement and aura delivered parts on friday, replaced the boiler on saturday. Also replaced the original controller a few days later. Comms were excellent at every stage. Thanks for a great service. Greg
  • Andrew McPhilbin
    2 months ago
    What can i say but i have experienced a service par excellence, which is a rare find post covid. From start to finish these guys ticked the boxes. Communication was bang on point throughout, and although a unforseen problem occured during the install, the engineer/ tech read more
  • Jim Johnson
    2 months ago
    Friendly and efficient staff, the job was completed quickly and i’m very happy with the result

Frequently Asked Questions

During your site survey, our engineers will look at your existing system, the size of your radiators, and the design of the existing pipework. We'll also ascertain where the heat pump can be placed and assess the type and efficiency of your existing insulation. 


In addition, we'll carry out a sound assessment, which is necessary for compliance with planning requirements. This will ensure that any noise the unit produces doesn't exceed a certain level.

While the units produce some noise, it is not excessive, and we have not received complaints regarding noisy appliances. We find an Air Source Heat Pump noise is similar to an electric toothbrush or an electric shaver.

Like Satellite TV dishes (when they grew in popularity), were given ‘Permitted Development’ (PD) rights Heat  Pumps are the same. In most cases do not need Planning Permission for an Air Source Heat Pump. As part of the pre-installation checks an assessment should be done to ensure that the installation will meet the PD rights or advise you of what steps may be taken to meet the PD rights if it doesn’t. Sometimes, this is as simple as putting a wooden structure over the heat pump but alternatively you may need to apply to your local authority if you cannot meet the PD rights. If you live in a Conservation Area or your property is Listed, then it is likely you will need Planning approval from your local authority.


Absolutely. Heat Pumps can replace both oil and gas boilers, as well as electric storage heaters. In addition, they are more efficient than all these types of heating, potentially saving you upwards of £1,000 per year on energy bills. 

You can combine your Air Source Heat Pump with solar panels to create a super-efficient and environmentally friendly system. Depending on the size of your solar array, you may even be able to power your Heat Pump entirely with solar energy.

Heat Pumps are capable of heating your entire property. We'll determine the pump size needed to heat your home at the site survey and recommend radiator sizes if required. We have fitted Heat Pumps in three-bedroom semi-detached houses as the sole heating source, as well as small one bedroom properties and also larger 5/6 bedroom houses. A heat pump is sized to heat the property, based on the heat the property requires, this should be individual to each installation. 

Its one of the biggest myths that heat pumps are only suitable for new build properties, naturally the newer the property the better the overall insulation envelope of the property and the smaller size heat pump you would need. However, at Aura Heating we only install into the ‘Retrofit Market’ and have installed heat pumps successfully in properties that have been built well over the 100 years ago. Our energy assessment will calculate the heat that is required within the property to ensure the heat pump is suitable, and capable of heating the home.

Get in touch with our heat pump installers now to get started

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