Our Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Boiler

Our Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Boiler

Posted on March 1, 2021

We’ve enjoyed a weekend full of sunshine and double-digit temperatures. With the warmer weather and daffodils popping up everywhere, our thoughts have certainly turned to Spring.

Do you Spring clean your home?

Chances are, you may have Spring cleaned your home early, what with the lockdown and being stuck at home. But even if your house is already sparkling ready for a new season, what about your boiler and heating system?

If your boiler has got you through the Winter period, now is the perfect time to give it the once over and keep it well-maintained through the milder months.

Here are our top tips for a spot of Springtime boiler maintenance

A few easy steps to make sure your boiler stays in tip-top working condition now that the Winter months are behind us.

Turn Down Your Thermostat

Have you noticed your home already starting to feel a bit warmer? Especially rooms that get sunlight streaming through the windows. Your home will start to warm up along with the weather so try turning your thermostat down, even if it’s just by 1 degree. You probably won’t feel the difference, but you may well see one on your energy bills.

Be On The Lookout for Leaks and Noises

Of course, boilers can spring a leak (pun intended) at any time of the year, but they are especially common after the Winter months. As the weather warms up, pipes that have been frozen tend to expand and split which can lead to leaks. The easiest way to check is to look at the seals around the boiler and make sure everything is connected tightly. You may also notice strange noises – If there are any sounds you don’t recognise, such as gurgling or bubbling, call a Gas Sage engineer for advice. Here at Aura Heating, all of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and working in a Covid-Safe manner.

Spring Service

Spring and Summer are an ideal time of year to service your boiler as generally we are less reliant on it during the warmer months. Avoid any nasty surprises next Winter by servicing it soon and keeping it in top working order. You can contact us here to book in your service. If you’re one of our Care Plan clients, then your annual service is included in the monthly fee. And remember – Some warranties are void if you don’t keep up to date with your yearly boiler services.

Don’t Forget the Radiators!

Your boiler isn’t the only part of your heating system that needs some attention come the Spring – You need to check your radiators too. Start your Spring clean by dusting them off and cleaning them up. After that, bleed them all to make sure any air is released – This will help prevent them from not working properly. If they are not working how you would expect them to, there could well be a build up of dirt. In this case, you may need a Power Flush.

Booking a Power Flush

A build-up of dirt and sludge in your system can cause radiators to feel cold and patchy, as well as causing a vibrating noise in your boiler. A power flush should get your heating system working again. Another big plus about a power flush is it can get your boiler working more efficiently too!

Considering a Boiler Upgrade?

Spring and Summer are a great time of year to replace your boiler. Generally it’s a much quieter time of year to book an engineer, and you’ll also be able to cope better without any heating whilst it’s being fitted. Head to our website for a quick, free new boiler quote.

If you’ve had a few underlying issues over the Winter, then don’t put them off any longer. Give us a call and we’ll get one of our Gas Safe engineers to solve your boiler issues now.

We’ve been working hard over the Winter months to keep your homes warm across the South of England – From Wiltshire to Sussex and Dorset to South London. Aura Heating are still here for you this Spring.