How to Select the Perfect Home Heating System

How to Select the Perfect Home Heating System

Posted on August 30, 2016

If you’ve moved house and inherited old, inefficient central heating, or if your current system has been in place for more years than you care to remember, it could well be worth considering what is the perfect home heating system. Whilst this may seem a daunting and costly prospect, a new system can help reduce your heating costs, reduce carbon emissions and be much safer than your current system. And there’s heating finance widely available, so it’s easy to spread the cost. We’ve pulled together some things to remember when considering the perfect home heating system.

Do Your Research

There’s quite a choice of home heating systems these days, so it’s important to research into what’s available and look carefully at what is right for you. Is it just a case of needing a new boiler installation, or do the radiators need replacing as well? Perhaps it’s worth considering a log-burner or Aga-style range to keep your water hot and home heated? Maybe you want to switch from a dual-fuel system to just gas or electricity? If you live in an older house, the heating system may well use a hot water cylinder tank to store hot water for use when needed. You may therefore wish to consider opting for a combination or “combi” boiler, which instead heats water on demand and takes away the need for a water tank, freeing up space and reducing bills. There’s plenty to think about.

Take time to reflect on your needs and what’s best for the type of house you live in. Take into account things like its age, construction, location, any existing insulation and your current energy usage, before deciding on your heating system installation requirements.

It’s also very important to take professional advice. Local heating contractors will help you assess your requirements and make your decisions. Get two or three opinions, compare and contrast, and your needs should become clear.

Do Your Sums

The cost of your perfect home heating system can represent a major investment. Doing your research will help you make sure you get just what you need, and the good news is that there are finance packages widely available these days from reputable heating contractors. Heating finance and boiler finance can be a great way to get the work done that you need, spreading the cost into affordable monthly payments. Some companies spread the cost over as many as ten years, and as the heating equipment they will install will be the latest models and highly efficient, the savings you will make on your heating bills will help to cover the cost of the new system. Taking advantage of one of these finance packages can see an old, inefficient system replaced quickly and easily, keeping your home warm and water hot for many years to come.