Are You Weather Ready?

Are You Weather Ready?

Posted on September 20, 2021

You’d be forgiven for not really knowing what season it is currently – We’ve gone from heatwaves, to heavy rain and gale force wind, back to warm sunny weather.

However, September does generally bring that feeling of changing of the seasons. The anticipation for chillier weather begins – And so should the preparation!

40% of Brits Caught Out by Winter Weather

An article from the Met Office last week reported that almost 40% of British residents have been caught off guard by severe Winter weather in the past.

And nearly a third of those said it was down to a lack of preparation.

This survey, carried out by the Met Office, found that 19% of the 2000 Brits who responded experienced a broken boiler.

It’s easy to overlook how much we rely on our boiler when it’s still so warm and sunny outside. But now is actually a really great time to get your boiler serviced if you haven’t done so this year already.

Not only is there more likely to be good availability for a boiler engineer to come out, it also means that any issues or faults can be dealt with before you even need to switch your heating back on.

Here at Aura Heating, all of our Gas Safe registered engineers are employed by us (not sub-contractors) and cover the South of England. You can see if we cover your area here.

Booking in a Boiler Service is quick and easy – Just give our customer care team a call. 

Make Sure You Are #WeatherReady

The Met Office are just launching their #WeatherReady campaign – An initiative aimed at helping the public make sure they are prepared for potentially severe Winter weather.

Their expert advice brings together tips on Winter travel, looking after your property and most importantly making sure that the health and well-being of you, your family and your neighbours is maintained throughout the colder months.

One way of minimising the impact of servere Winter weather is making sure you are prepared.

Is Your Boiler Ready to Heat Your Home?

Despite us still enjoying temperatures exceeding 20 degrees, it’s important to think ahead and consider in what ways the Winter weather can impact us, our homes and our travel.

Just a couple of simple steps could mean the difference between a cold home and a cosy one.

Two things that made the Met Office’s list of ’10 things to do now to prepare for Winter’ were related to your heating system:

  • Service Your Boiler

    Cold weather can actually be a risk to your health – Especially if any health conditions make you particularly vulnerable or you are over 65. Your home should be at least 18 degrees C. It’s really important to make sure that you check in on elderly relatives and neighbours and make sure that their home is warm enough during the Winter months. If you use your boiler to heat your home, then it’s a good idea to get it serviced before the colder weather sets in. It’s also worth reminding elderly neighbours or relatives about servicing theirs too, or even helping them to arrange it. You can find out more about servicing your boiler here. Plus – If you are a Boiler Care Plan customer, your annual boiler service is included in the price!
  • Insulate Your Pipes 

    There are two reasons why insulating your pipes is a good idea. The first is that it helps keep the heat in! Something you’ll be grateful for when temperatures outside drop. The second is that it helps to stop them from freezing when severe Winter weather hits. Frozen pipes can cause pipes to burst, resulting in flooding, damage and even leaving your home without water. Knowing where your stopcock is and that it is in good working order is another good idea!

75% of Brits Feel Winter-Prepared – Are You One of Them?

If the answer is no, then there’s still time!

It’s not too late to book in a boiler service and make sure your heating system is in tip-top working condition ready for the Winter months.

Over half of the people surveyed said they adjusted their heating system to help keep the cold at bay – But that’s no good if your heating system isn’t working at it’s optimum level.

There are also Winter Checks you should be carrying out before the temperature drops. We’ll be talking more about this in the coming weeks, but you can read our check-list from last year here.

Did you know there are also schemes and grants to help people keep their homes warm and cosy throughout the Winter season. To find out more about what financial help there is available, have a read of our blog all about cold weather payments that could be available to you to help stay warm this Winter. 

Check the Weather Forecast

If you follow our social pages, you’ll know that we share a Weekend Weather update every Friday. Checking the weather forecast regularly during the Winter months is really important, so you can be as prepared as possible for severe weather.

Even those that keep an eye on the forecast can still be caught out. It’s important to stay aware and be prepared! Make sure you are #WeatherReady.

For more information on the Met Office’s #WeatherReady campaign and what their experts have to say on staying prepared this Winter, head to their website.

Be #WeatherReady with Aura Heating

We can help you be prepared for the Winter months by servicing your boiler and making sure it’s ready to heat your home.

If you are a Boiler Care Plan customer but haven’t had your annual service then give us a call today to get booked in before the colder weather arrives. Remember it’s included in the price you pay per month!

If you’re not a Boiler Care Plan customer, then why not? Just kidding. Even if you don’t have a Boiler Care Plan with us, we can still come and service your boiler for you – Just give our friendly customer service team a call to get booked in. Just give us a call.