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Guarantee for your air source heat pump

Guarantees are an essential aspect of your air source heat pump purchase. They ensure that should any issues occur with your appliance during the guarantee period. A heating technician can be sent out to perform repairs free of charge.

In order to enact the guarantee, your air source heat pump must be installed by an MCS-certified engineer and registered within three months of installation. 

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What’s the difference between a warranty and a guarantee?

At Aura Heating, we’re proud to offer two-year guarantees as standard on the products we install. The key differences between a warranty and a guarantee are:

  • A guarantee is typically free, while a warranty includes a premium for cover, much like an insurance policy.
  • A guarantee covers all parts and labour, not just a selection, meaning that whatever happens, you can get an Aura Heating technician out to resolve the issue.
  • Warranties enable manufacturers to charge a call-out fee should a fault occur. A guarantee usually covers the whole product without any unexpected and unwanted expenses. For example, provided your heat pump is serviced each year, there will be nothing to pay if something goes wrong. 

Of course, it’s always important to check the terms and conditions of your agreement. For the guarantee to remain valid, your air source heat pump should be checked and serviced once a year by a qualified engineer. 


Air source heat pump guarantees with Aura Heating

At Aura Heating, we are approved installers for Samsung and Mitsubishi air source heat pumps. Both these manufacturers offer a two-year air source heat pump guarantee on their products as standard, but these can be extended to seven years with a suitable service plan. 

Once your heat pump has been installed, we’ll provide the manufacturer with the key details of your appliance, such as its location and serial number. The guarantee will then be approved by the manufacturer. After that, it’s simply a case of ensuring your heat pump is serviced annually. 

Unlike some air source heat pump installers, we at Aura Heating will ensure an engineer returns annually to carry out servicing, so that the lifespan of your unit can be maximised. We know that helping to maintain your heating system after installation is the key to building a trusting relationship and giving you complete peace of mind.  

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Air source heat pump care plans

One of the main benefits of an air source heat pump is that it requires very little maintenance besides an annual service. You can expect your heat pump to last for at least 15 years – and even longer with proper maintenance. With an Aura Heating air source heat pump service plan, you can rest assured that all your heating needs are considered. 

We have several levels of cover available, from a basic plan that provides a convenient way to spread the cost of your annual servicing to comprehensive packages that cover an array of home care needs, including the radiators and valves, water pipes, drainage, and home electrics. 

Simply get in touch with our team to find out more, or visit our dedicated heat pump care plan page for further details. 

Benefits of air source heat pumps

There are numerous benefits to replacing your gas boiler with an air source heat pump. Not only does the high efficiency and low carbon footprint of the appliance mean you’ll save money on energy bills, you can also be sure your home is adequately heated in times of extreme cold, since the units work at temperatures as low as -25°C. 

Investing in an air source heat pump before 2025 also means you can benefit from a government grant thanks to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which significantly lowers the cost of purchase and installation. Other funding is also available to selected households, and could mean up to 100% of the cost is covered. Speak to the team at Aura Heating today to find out if you qualify for one of these schemes. 

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Why choose Aura Heating?

The engineers at Aura Heating are experts on air source heat pumps. Not only can we advise on which heat pump would be best for your property, we are also MCS certified, meaning that every installation we carry out meets the highest industry standards. 

With over ten years’ experience in the grant-funded sector, we will advise you which schemes you are eligible for, helping you to save thousands – and potentially up to 100% of the purchase and installation costs – on your new heating system. 

Our engineers deliver a friendly and professional service and will visit your property annually to ensure your appliance is maintained as required by the manufacturer, keeping the guarantee valid. We also offer air source heat pump service plans, giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to the upkeep of your unit and overall heating system. 

Some of our customer reviews

  • Dilip
    1 week ago
    A very friendly company to deal with. Excellent service. Good customer care. No problems whatsoever with this company.
  • Noor e alam choudhury Shamu
    1 week ago
    The last few months i have had a nightmare with my boiler eventually loosing all heating and hot water. Aura heating was fabulous they done their assessment and fitted my boiler within 3 days i could not praise them enough of how quick and efficient they are. read more
  • Louise Thorne
    6 days ago
    Within an hour of getting the ho ahead from the provider i was already booked in. There was an issue with the stopcock so had to be rescheduled as the water company needed to turn it off at main on the street. It was fitted in read more
  • Suzan
    1 week ago
    For the last three years, i went through a hell of a nightmare, my old boiler was breakdown every time in the middle of the cold and winter. It was a tough time for me and my family. After i found aura they got in touch read more
  • Donald
    7 days ago
    My boiler replaced by engineer gary, and i am extremely pleased with the service. Gary was friendly but also efficient in completing the work. He ensured area was clean and tidy after the installation was finished to be excellent.
  • Wendy
    7 days ago
    Technician arrived on time. He was friendly and professional and knew his stuff. ,
  • Tony Parke
    6 days ago
    Highly recommend this company. Had new boiler installed a few years ago and everything was done very professionally and the yearly servicing since has been first class.
  • Mervyn Whitcombe
    5 days ago
    Since having our boiler replaced by aura heating approximately 11 years ago we have always had excellent service from aura heating, any slight problems with the boiler have always been repaired promptly. I would definitely recommend aura heating
  • Harold Godfrey
    2 weeks ago
    Very professional throughout. Gary the installer was great and nothing was to much trouble. Clean and tidy from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air-source heat pumps are very reliable. However, debris can build up, so regularly use a soft brush to clean the unit. It would be best if you also had the pump serviced yearly to ensure it continues working efficiently. Our heating engineers can replace air filters, too, if required by the manufacturers, ensuring that dirt and pollen doesn’t collect in the system. 

In addition, we'll carry out a sound assessment, which is necessary for compliance with planning requirements. This will ensure that any noise the unit produces doesn't exceed a certain level.

Regular servicing is an essential part of heat pump maintenance. It ensures your system continues to run efficiently and enables our technicians to identify any potential issues before they become a major problem. It also ensures the pump continues to operate safely and efficiently. 

Your service plan will cover any air-source heat pump fitted by our team at Aura Heating, but we can also cover any air-source heat pump made by Samsung, Mitsubishi, Daiken, Grant, Bosch or Vaillant. Speak to our team today to find out if we can cover your appliance. 

With proper maintenance, a heat pump can usually last for 15-20 years. 

While it’s simple and safe to clean the back of your heat pump to prevent debris from building up, getting a professional to carry out servicing is vital. An MCS-certified engineer can ensure minor problems don’t escalate and that the heat pump runs efficiently and safely.  

There are several signs your heat pump needs replacing. These include:

  • A rise in energy bills
  • A drop in efficiency that means it takes longer to heat your rooms
  • Any unusual noises coming from the appliance

If your system needs frequent repairs, this could also indicate you need a new heat pump. Feel free to contact our team if you’re unsure and would like an expert opinion. 

You can expect to pay between £8,000 and £14,000 for air-source heat pump installation. However, there are grants available that can cover up to 100% of the cost, depending on your property and financial situation. Alternatively, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) grant of £5000 is available to everyone and we can administer an application on your behalf for this. If you are not eligible for full grant funding, we offer a payment plan that enables you to spread the cost with affordable monthly payments. 

Get in touch with our heat pump experts

To find out more about the air source heat pump guarantee that covers your appliance or for further details on grant funding and installation, get in touch with the team at Aura Heating today. We’ll be delighted to help.  
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