Hybrid heat pump installs and maintenance

Hybrid heat pumps

  •   Ideal for properties with high heating demands
  •   Installed by Gas Safe, OFTEC and MCS Certified engineers
  •  Provide efficient heating with reduced carbon emissions
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hybrid heat pumps

Why get a hybrid heat pump

  • Copes with high heating demands – If a heat pump by itself isn’t enough to cope with the heating needs of your property, choosing a hybrid system means you can enjoy the power output that you require but with lower energy bills.
  • Flexibility – Hybrid systems provide more flexibility than standalone heat pumps and are better for homes that are less thermally efficient, or properties located where the air temperature is frequently below zero.
  • Reliability – Hybrid systems can provide the best heating solution, whatever the external temperature, offering a reliable energy source year-round.
  • A hybrid is a steppingstone to a full heat pump system, you do not need to change radiators (although it would be more efficient if you do) and it helps to future proof your property.
  • They can be a great option when you have a Combination (Combi) boiler as hybrids can be fitted to work without a hot water tank unlike a full heat pump system.

The benefits of hybrid heat pumps

There are many benefits of opting for a hybrid heat pump installation instead of choosing a new gas or oil boiler alone. Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages.
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Choosing a hybrid system will make your home more energy efficient. The system is designed to switch seamlessly between the air source heat pump and the boiler, ensuring that the most efficient appliance will heat your home at any given time. Heat pumps can run at 300-400% efficiency but can become less efficient and more costly in low temperatures; it’s at these times that the boiler, with around 94% efficiency, will kick in.


The running costs of an air source heat pump are low because it only requires some electricity to run. And because the boiler mainly supports the heat pump’s action, your gas or oil costs shouldn’t be so high. This means you can save up to 50% on your annual heating bill.
grant funding
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Government funding

The government is actively trying to reduce the carbon emissions produced by the UK, meaning that many households are eligible for grant funding to help cover the cost of a new hybrid heating system. You can speak to the heat pump experts at Aura Heating to determine whether you qualify for any of the available government schemes.

Some of our customer reviews

  • Jeremy Buck
    2 days ago
    The service engineer arrived at the advised time on a friday and carried out the annual service in a professional manner. After he departed the boiler would not restart necessitating that i contact aura heating on the following monday to ask for a return visit. The read more
  • kaz h
    4 days ago
    Arrived promptly very polite. Left premises clean and tidy.
  • Andy Davis
    4 days ago
    Good boiler service ,sorted for another year. 😀😀
  • anonymous
    3 weeks ago
    Thank you aura gas. Re the boiler service, the engineer arrived promptly and everything was fine, neat and tidy at the end.
  • Mike.
    3 weeks ago
    First annual service for ashp. Covered by service contract. Engineer was on time ,well equipped and efficient. Very satisfied with mitsubishi machine which has worked well.
  • Jo Worley
    2 weeks ago
    They were referred from leap and did a great job at improving my heating system by servicing the boiler and replacing my radiator valves and thermostat. Arrived on time and cleaned up after themselves.
  • Emily Ridge
    3 weeks ago
    Really good communication from start to finish. Professional service and very respectful when working in the home. The work was completed to a high standard and no mess or disruption to the home.
  • Debra Catherine Baxter
    4 weeks ago
    As the last two years, arrived within time slot. Polite, clean, tidy and very personable. Follow up calls to check on visit. No complaints.
    3 weeks ago
    I thought mannie was a very friendly and polite young man. He was efficient at his work and was respectful of my property. It was lovely to see tha aura gas employed such an honest and caring employee who takes pride in the work he carries read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Like a hybrid car, a hybrid energy system combines two or more technologies to provide heating with lower carbon emissions. It's a great option for those who want to reduce their carbon output but may not be quite ready to switch to a heat pump alone. 

A hybrid heat pump system can reduce your monthly energy costs by as much as 50% each year, meaning they're well worth installing, even in less thermally efficient homes. 

Depending on your home's heating needs, a hybrid heat pump installation can cost between £6,000 and £10,000. However, you may be eligible for grant funding to offset part or all of the cost of your new system. Please speak to our expert heating engineers today to find out more. 

The air source heat pump itself is not a hybrid; it combines with a gas or oil boiler to provide the energy needed to heat your home. The boiler tops up a low-temperature heat pump, raising radiator temperatures from 40-55 degrees to the 65-70 degrees that many people are used to in their homes. You can find out more about hybrid heating systems and what might be right for your home by contacting our team today.

In a system that only uses a heat pump, the heat pump is the sole source of energy. It provides heating and hot water by itself. In a hybrid system, the heat pump is combined with a gas or oil boiler, which tops up the heat pump's output.

Heat pumps have to meet specific criteria regarding noise levels and sit outside the home, meaning they are not generally considered to be noisy. Our engineers check noise levels upon installation and have not previously received complaints about heat pumps being too noisy.

Yes. The hybrid system typically includes a gas or oil boiler as well as a heat pump. Despite rumours of gas boilers being banned from 2025, those with gas boilers will still be able to use them until the end of their lifespan. 

Most hybrid heating systems will take one to four days to install, depending on the job's complexity. When our engineers have completed a site survey, they will be able to provide an estimate of how long installation will take. 

Yes. Although hybrid systems can be more costly to install than a regular boiler, estimates suggest that they can save between 30-50% in energy costs each year. 

Several benefits of choosing hybrid heat pump technology are outlined above, but the key advantage is that it offers a lower carbon way to heat your home without compromising on heating output. Your heating needs will be met while you're also saving money. 

One of the biggest befits of having a hybrid heat pump is that some models will work with a Combination or Combi boiler. So if you do not have space in your home for an airing cupboard to house a cylinder/tank and just have a Combi boiler then a hybrid can be a great option.

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