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Oil boiler installers

  •   Ideal for off-grid or isolated homes
  •   Installed by OFTEC registered engineers
  •   Provides flexible and cost-effective heating
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Why get an oil boiler?

  • Placement – You can choose to have your oil boiler installation inside or outside your home. This means there’s more space within your home and the boiler doesn’t necessarily have to be an eyesore. 
  • Safety – Your OFTEC registered oil boiler engineers can install your boiler outside, meaning that should there be a leak or malfunction, your safety is not as much at risk as if you had a gas boiler inside your home. Of course, any issues should still be dealt with as quickly as possible by a qualified professional.
  • Isolated homes – Not every property is situated in a town or community. For this reason, it can be difficult and/or expensive to connect to the grid. Oil boilers are ideal for isolated homes since they don’t require mains connection. Instead, there is a tank which stores oil until it’s required. 
  • Longevity – Compared to gas boilers, oil boilers can have a longer lifespan. You can expect an oil boiler to last between 15 and 20 years with proper care and maintenance, while a gas boiler is more likely to last between 10 and 15 years. 
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Benefits of an oil boiler​

An estimated 1.1 million homes across the UK are heated by oil. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing an oil boiler:

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Homeowners with an oil boiler aren’t subject to the same supply restrictions as those with a gas boiler. In addition, no contracts are in place, meaning you can change to a cheaper supplier whenever you choose. This helps you to keep your heating bills down, particularly when prices fluctuate. 


A new oil boiler is typically 92-95% efficient, meaning there’s very little energy wastage. They also heat water on demand rather than having a stored backlog, which reduces energy output and saves on the amount of fuel required. 

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Oil boilers can be installed alongside renewable heating systems like heat pumps. This makes heating your home even more efficient and reduces carbon emissions. They can also work in tandem with solar panels for optimum efficiency. 

Some of our customer reviews

  • Dilip
    1 week ago
    A very friendly company to deal with. Excellent service. Good customer care. No problems whatsoever with this company.
  • Noor e alam choudhury Shamu
    1 week ago
    The last few months i have had a nightmare with my boiler eventually loosing all heating and hot water. Aura heating was fabulous they done their assessment and fitted my boiler within 3 days i could not praise them enough of how quick and efficient they are. read more
  • Louise Thorne
    6 days ago
    Within an hour of getting the ho ahead from the provider i was already booked in. There was an issue with the stopcock so had to be rescheduled as the water company needed to turn it off at main on the street. It was fitted in read more
  • Suzan
    1 week ago
    For the last three years, i went through a hell of a nightmare, my old boiler was breakdown every time in the middle of the cold and winter. It was a tough time for me and my family. After i found aura they got in touch read more
  • Donald
    1 week ago
    My boiler replaced by engineer gary, and i am extremely pleased with the service. Gary was friendly but also efficient in completing the work. He ensured area was clean and tidy after the installation was finished to be excellent.
  • Wendy
    7 days ago
    Technician arrived on time. He was friendly and professional and knew his stuff. ,
  • Tony Parke
    6 days ago
    Highly recommend this company. Had new boiler installed a few years ago and everything was done very professionally and the yearly servicing since has been first class.
  • Mervyn Whitcombe
    6 days ago
    Since having our boiler replaced by aura heating approximately 11 years ago we have always had excellent service from aura heating, any slight problems with the boiler have always been repaired promptly. I would definitely recommend aura heating
  • Harold Godfrey
    2 weeks ago
    Very professional throughout. Gary the installer was great and nothing was to much trouble. Clean and tidy from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the boiler you choose and your needs, a new oil boiler will usually cost between £2,500 and £4,500. Contact the Aura Heating team to chat about your requirements and request a quote for oil boiler replacement. 

In order to ensure your boiler is fitted safely, correctly, and in compliance with the relevant regulations, it’s vital that an OFTEC registered engineer carries out your oil boiler installation. 

The OFTEC registered engineers at Aura Heating are fully qualified to install oil boilers. They will ensure the installation complies with the relevant regulations and that all safety and noise requirements are met.

Under current plans, gas and oil boilers will not be installed in newbuild homes from 2025. That means other households will still be able to buy an oil boiler, and those with an existing boiler will be able to continue using it to the end of its lifespan. 

The government has a range of schemes available for those requiring a new boiler. Several of these require you to meet eligibility criteria, but for households looking to replace an oil boiler with a heat pump, there is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. Contact us today to learn more about the available grants and how to access them. 

If your boiler is over 15 or 20 years old, we recommend replacing it. A 30-year-old boiler may still be functioning, but it will be much less efficient by this point than a new boiler, and your bills will likely be higher than they need to be. You need not necessarily replace your boiler with another boiler - hybrid and heat pump systems are also available. Contact our team to find out more. 

Depending on the complexity of the job, it can take between one and three days to fit a new oil boiler. Our team will be able to give you an estimate after completing a site survey. 

The OFTEC registered oil heating engineers at Aura Heating can service your boiler on an annual basis. We also offer care plans for your appliance, enabling you to spread the cost of servicing and other care with fixed monthly payments. 

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