Our History

  • 2005

    Started trading as a sole trader, just Gary Robinson. Originally located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Aura Gas Services, as a gas service engineer to install and maintain any gas appliance. Back in these days marketing was mainly via Yellow pages or alike and having a business with ‘A’ was important to be at the front of the directory.

  • 2006

    Gary re-located back to Portsmouth PO7 for family reasons as was originally based in the area as a child and continued to trade as a sole trader

  • Garys 1st Red Van 2007

    On the advice of the accountant registered the business as a Limited Company in the August and traded as Aura Gas Limited, continuing to reflect the work. Boiler/Cookers/Fires. New Van for Gary.

  • used GR Van
    Gary recruited his first long term team member, Anthony, who had applied for 216 jobs before Aura Gas as a ‘Adult Trainee’. Gary wanted him to focus on installation work and Gary to do the smaller repairs, servicing and quotes. This allowed Gary in time to be able to leave Anthony on site and quote other projects, and was a big step forwards to building a bigger business and team. Anthony stayed with Aura Gas until 2015 when he took the skills he had learnt at Aura Gas to begin his own journey.
  • Outside Basepoint 2010

    The business located to a small office location in Havant, PO9, with a permanent office member and took a further 2 engineers on full time to deliver the work in the pipeline with a local housing association. It was at this time we implemented the original ‘Stay-Warm’ plans. Pay Monthly boiler servicing and repairs, in these days they were Bronze, Silver and Gold

  • 2012

    The business continued to grow within the local authority work and also the work within the Carbon Emission Reduction Target and Community Energy Saving Program (CERT) and (CESP) schemes. Mainly replacement gas boilers and gas central heating systems.

  • used Origional Aura House 2012

    The business and team relocated to a self-built office in PO9, the same site we work from today. This helped to allow for the additional staff and administration requirements for the old projects but also when we began to work within the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme

  • _DSC5449a

    Aura Gas continued to work in the grant funded sector for new boilers and heating systems and then also scaled their private boiler replacements in the retail sector.

  • Aura House

    Aura House, the existing building was too small, and the new larger offices were complete to allow us to continue to expand into this building.

  • 2013 Vans Various Colours 2014

    Aura Gas continued to scale and grow with the help of a ‘specialist boiler marketing agency’ and employing a team of home-based mobile boiler surveyors, and more gas engineers,  this allowed us to become one of the largest independent boiler companies in the South, operating in most of the South-Central postcodes.

  • 2018

    Aura Gas was approached by a major domestic heating oil company to survey and replace oil boilers for their customers as they only completed maintenance not installation works. We continue to work with them to this day. 

  • 2020 Adaptiong to Covid Online Photos or video call quotes

    As the world changed once COVID hit Aura Gas took some time to reflect on how to do business and decided that utilising modern technology to deliver boiler quotes and safer ways when surveying installations along with a focus on ‘larger scale projects’ to prevent the need for surveys whilst also reverting to our old ways within the grant sector.

  • 2023 case study

    Aura Gas recognised that the heating industry was evolving, and new methods of heating homes was way of the future. We invested heavily in training and accreditation to allow our team of competent boiler engineers to transition to Air Source Heat Pumps and installed hundreds of new systems in this period.

  • hampshire heating engineers

    We recognised that ‘Gas’ is not what we primarily do, we are central heating specialists and whether it is gas, oil or electric then we have the skills to deliver. For that reason, Aura Gas Limited became Aura Heating Limited. The same company, the same company number, under the same management of Gary Robinson and Ian Morgan the Operations Director. We believe this transition will protect the business and the staff it employs. We are also proud to still support the customers that have been using Aura since the early days when it was just Gary Robinson who used to complete the works himself and this is a reflection of how Aura moves with the times.