Air Source Heat Pump - ASHP

Most people should have heard about Air Source Heat Pumps in the local/national news to help Government to achieve their pledge to Reduce Carbon Emissions by 2030.

The heat pumps work in the opposite way to air conditioning that they take external air in and warm it rather than cool it, essentially like a fridge/freezer in reverse. They are super energy efficient, so for every 1 Kilowatt of heat input it can provide up to 4 Kilowatts of heat output.

Aura Heating Limited have worked in the grant funded sector for over a decade and are pleased to be able to offer 100% grants to owner occupiers for Air Source Heat Pumps.

This is because we have access to Government Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) and Local Authority Delivery (LAD) scheme linked to the Energy Companies Obligation. If the property is rented, then we can offer a grant of 66% from the full cost of the work.

Importantly from 2025 gas supplies and boilers will be banned from new build homes and by 2035 it is anticipated that gas boilers will no longer be available. Government is keen to remove fossil burning fuels from warming our homes and this is one of the ways to achieve that.

With rising energy prices and concerns over energy security now has never been a better time to invest in a heat pump.

Heat pumps have had a lot of negative press recently, claims they won’t heat our homes in the winter is misguided. Nearly all problems with heat pumps are inherited from poor design and poor installation. There are various options, and we ensure that the heat pump specified is the correct type for the property you have.

Depending on your property they can replace your boiler and be connected straight to your central heating system. They can also work within a hybrid setup alongside your existing gas or oil boiler, a little like a car that they rely on the fossil burning fuel to ‘top up’ the heating requirement if required.

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