Boiler Checklist for House Buyers

Boiler Checklist for House Buyers

Posted on February 15, 2021

Trying to buy a new home? Maybe the offer of a Stamp Duty Holiday was too good to resist (or maybe that was just a cherry on the top!).


Either way, if you’re looking at houses then there are some things you really should be asking about the boiler in your prospective property if you want to avoid a nasty surprise later on.


Odds are that if you’re trying to buy, then yours is also up for sale. It’s worth thinking about the following things that potential buyers will be on the lookout for. Would your boiler pass the test? Let’s find out.


Where is it?

It might sound daft, but once you move in it’s very important you know how to locate the boiler, water tank and stop cock in case anything goes wrong. Also think about how easy it is to get to – Is it easily accessible if you need to get to it quickly?

What kind of boiler is it?

There are quite a few different types of boiler, so you might like to do your homework about any that you might potentially want to avoid. The most common type of boiler in the UK is the Gas Combi boiler which provides heating and hot water. It is also the most efficient. It’s worth bearing in mind that electric boilers or immersion heaters can cost more to heat water than gas ones.

What is the make and model?

Ask the estate agent or the seller about the make and model, or have a look yourself while you’re looking around. It’s useful information to know if you want to do some research, or look into boiler care plans or insurance.

What condition is the boiler in?

Have a look at the boiler yourself. Be on the look out for signs of rust, damp, dirt or leaks. You should be able to get an idea of how well the boiler has been looked after.

How old is the boiler?

A very old boiler could well be a deal-breaker for that property – There’s a good chance an older boiler will be inefficient or even be a carbon monoxide risk. If you’re not prepared to buy a new boiler soon after moving in, then be very careful about choosing a property with an old model.

Is the boiler energy efficient?

Modern boilers all have an efficiency rating, and most modern gas condensing boilers in the UK have an A-rating on the European label. If your heart is set on a particular property but an inefficient boiler is letting it down, then consider replacing it for a new A-rated one. It might be an extra cost, but could save you a lot of money over time through lower energy bills, as well as being better for the environment.

What is the boiler’s service history?

Ask the estate agent or seller to see service history documents. When was it last serviced? Was it serviced by a GasSafe registered engineer? A Gas Certificate should give you full details of its inspection history. You might be able to see it on a sticker on the boiler itself, or it may be in the back of the manual.

Boilers should be serviced annually, so if the boiler in your potential new home hasn’t been checked in the last 12 months, you’ll need to put that high up on the list of things to do when you move in.

A boiler that is well-maintained will be less costly to run, so see regular services as a way to keep your energy bills lower.

Here at AuraGas, all of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered. We also offer Boiler Care plans which include boiler services in the monthly price.

Is the boiler covered by a warranty?

You may be lucky and find that the boiler is still covered by a warranty, in which case you may not have to pay for any repairs should you need them. Make sure you ask the sellers for all of the details.

If it is under warranty, bear in mind that most become invalid if you don’t keep up with regular services, so make sure you have serviced it within 12 months of the last one.

If it’s not under warranty, then perhaps you should consider some kind of care plan to cover you should the boiler need any repairs. You don’t want to move into a new home, only to find it’s cold with no hot water!


We offer tailor-made boiler cover that starts from just £7.50 per month. We’ve operated in the South of England for over 15 years so offer the reliability of a larger company, with the care of a local expert.


When you’re looking for a new property, the boiler is often overlooked. But without knowing exactly what you’re getting when you move in, you could be in for a rather nasty surprise. Always make sure you ask these boiler questions when you’re looking for your new house! Happy hunting!