‘Lower gas + electric deals are coming’ – Ofgem

‘Lower gas + electric deals are coming’ – Ofgem

Posted on July 11, 2017

Cheaper Gas + Electric

GAS and electricity bill payers are once again being encouraged to switch providers because the Government’s energy regulator Ofgem prefers not to cut prices.

While Ofgem talks a great deal about cheaper deals for households, apparently the only way to get better energy bill rates is to switch to different tariffs.

In media reports, Ofgem’s chief executive Dermot Nolan said: “We are taking action to make it less of a hassle for people, particularly those on poor value standard variable tariffs, to switch to get a better deal.

“Protecting vulnerable consumers is a priority for Ofgem. We are committed to ensuring that the more disadvantaged in society are not left behind as we move towards a smarter, more competitive energy market.”

Ofgem is requiring that vulnerable customers are moved to a new so-called ‘safeguard tariff’ as an absolute minimum. And suppliers will be forced to put all their customers on to better deals, states the regulator resulting in cheaper gas + electric.

“We are pressing ahead with a raft of reforms to make it even easier for people to switch no matter how they choose to shop around,” said Mr Nolan.

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