Video: Simple checks before calling a boiler engineer

Video: Simple checks before calling a boiler engineer

Posted on August 5, 2017

HERE’S our next tip in our boiler and central heating video series. Our MD Gary Robinson explains three simple steps most people can check before calling out Aura Heating to look at their boiler heating.

  • Power / Controls: Is power on or off? Are controls turned on or off?
  • Reset button / Pilot light: Check if the reset button hasn’t popped out and/or the pilot flame is alight.
    (You can see a typical Worcester reset button in the photo (ringed in red) published with this blog post)
  • Boiler pressure: For combi boilers, this should usually be 1-1.5 bar so, if you can, check this is correct.

Like our first video, this is an easy, short film that explains what is useful and important to check in less than 1 minute. For more useful tips and advice, visit our growing central heating section.

If after these checks, you are still unable to start your boiler or heating, feel free to call us on 02392 252171 or contact us by our ‘Live Chat’ (available 24/7, visible in the bottom right corner of your screen now).