If your Gas Boiler isn’t working – tips to find out why

If your Gas Boiler isn’t working – tips to find out why

Posted on June 11, 2019

When your gas boiler stops working it may feel like the end of the world! Try our simple tricks to try before calling in the experts.

Whilst here at Aura Heating we are more than happy to assist you, we can assist you with some simple tricks and tips for you to try yourself, first of all, saving you money and time.

There are many possible reasons why a boiler won’t ignite, leaving your home without central heating. Fortunately, we are here to help to get your boiler up and running again in next to no time (hopefully) and if these don’t work, get in touch with us today Aura Heating have a technicians serving villages, towns, and cities across the south coast and into the home counties who would be happy to help, we have a variety of contact options. Aura Heating thinks it is important to assist with making fixing of inconveniences, convenient!

First off – check your thermostat:

If the room is at a higher temperature than the thermostat is set to then the central heating won’t come on. Double-check the temperature and try increasing and give it a while.
Setting the right temperature on your thermostat is key to feeling comfortable at home. A lot of people tend to under heat or, more commonly, overheat their homes leading to decreased efficiency and increased expense.
18-21 degrees is the recommended temperature. We would highly advise to maximise boiler health (and money in your pocket) turn on the heating and set the radiator valve in the room you are into a comfortable level of your preference, then set the valves in the remaining rooms that you are using one level lower. Unused rooms should have their doors closed and radiators set to the lowest level. Another important thing to remember – a thermostat has zero power over how quickly your house heats up when you’re getting in from a cold, perhaps wet day – just because you turn your heating all the way up to the maximum doesn’t mean it will get the home warmer quicker.

Secondly – could it be the timer?

If you’ve had a power cut the timer on your boiler may have reset itself, take a quick read of the instruction manual to find out how you can set this to the times that suit you for your boiler to automatically ignite

Could it be the fusebox?

Similarly, if the power cut hasn’t affected the timer, has it affected the fuse box? Is there a tripped switch in the fuse box? Check this and give it a flick?

Are you on a prepay meter?

As simple as it sounds, be sure to check there is enough credit on your meter.

More urgently, could it be a problem with the gas supply?

Check any other gas appliances around the home – for example, an oven top. If they aren’t working it could be down to an issue with the gas supply to the property! You should contact your gas supplier or the gas emergency service

Try the old fashioned tried and tested – restart

Have a look through your manufacturer instruction manual for how to restart your boiler and see if this will aid reigniting it again.

If none of these are working – its time to consider faults with the central heating system as opposed to the boiler. This could be as a result of boiler pressure, air in the radiators, frozen condensate pipes, low gas pressure, blockage in the burner or no pilot light on in the boiler. Take a look around our website for some further help with these things!

When there’s a fault with the boiler, it will often display an error code, specific usually to the brand. These error or fault codes will help you to determine what’s wrong with the unit, making it much easier to get it working or at least looked into!

As we’ve seen, there are many possible reasons that can cause a boiler not to ignite or prevent power from reaching the boiler. So, to safely locate the cause, you should hire a Gas Safe registered engineer. Aura Heating is proud to be the South of England’s leading, local boiler expert. You can get in touch with us instantly using our “live chat” service (bottom right of the screen) or by telephone on 02392 252171 or, please send us your queries via our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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