How to Improve Your Health by Ending Damp Problems

How to Improve Your Health by Ending Damp Problems

Posted on August 3, 2016

Many families in the UK live in cold houses which suffer from damp problems all year round. While some see this as a fact of life, repeat exposure to damp can lead to serious health issues which can have terrible long-term effects. Now an innovative new scheme tackling health problems caused by damp is being introduced, and thousands of households across the UK could benefit.

Damp: The Health Risks

Cold, damp homes make the ideal breeding place for mould. While some people are unaffected by the allergen-producing spores, others can experience severe reactions. Inhaling or coming into physical contact with mould can cause eye and throat irritation, skin rashes or lung inflammation. This can then lead to serious coughs and potentially worsening the symptoms of asthma.

The elderly and lower-income families can be particularly hard hit by damp-related illnesses, with the moist environment often making pre-existing health conditions worse. For young children, too, exposure to mould leaves them vulnerable to picking up coughs, colds and viruses. The damp can also attract some most unwelcome house guests, with dust mites thriving in the cool, moist environment and cockroaches, mice and rats all potentially taking advantage.

Stamping Out Damp

Whether you’re a homeowner or renting, there are practical steps you can take to combat damp and associated health issues. One of these is installing a new boiler which will also be more energy-efficient; dramatically cutting the cost of heating bills. What’s more, there are means-tested grants to help with the costs of installing or reparing your boliler.

With family budgets already declining, ensuring your home is as energy-efficient as possible can help cut costs. Investing in draught-proofing and cavity wall insulation can seem expensive, but subsidised schemes on offer can help you take a step towards reducing damp problems.

If you decide on a new boiler, it is worth getting advice on the best models from a qualified expert. As well as offering a full boiler replacement service, the highly qualified Gas Engineers from Aura Heating are able to offer guidance on the type of boiler which will best suit your family home and see that regular boiler servicing keeps it in the very best condition for many years to come.