Installing Central Heating

Installing Central Heating

Posted on April 25, 2019

Whether you are renovating, upgrading or installing from scratch – let our specialists assist you with your new central heating system!

We offer free advice and no obligation quotations. So why not see how you can help save the environment and, more importantly… save money!

Purchasing or renovating a property in any aspect of a project, large or small can be a very daunting process. Particularly when it comes to things you perhaps haven’t even considered. Like your central heating. The layman tends to take this for granted. Then it comes down to saving money or adjusting the heating system for your lifestyle or even, installing a heating system in the first place.

There are many questions that must be answered and unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as many people would like.

What type of boiler is right for the property? 

Where is the boiler going to be situated in the property?

How many radiators are needed?

Where are the radiators going to be installed?

How is the pipework going to be laid?

What will be the most cost-effective option for your home or premises?

Do you need smart controls?

Radiator - Central Heating

With so many questions posed that must be considered before works have even begun it can be stressful.

The one question we can answer is with Aura Heating you’ve certainly enlisted the right company! Let us do the hard work for you!

Central heating installation is a cost and labor-intensive endeavor. There are many tasks that must commence after your decisions have been made on your specific needs. It isn’t as simple as just fitting a boiler and radiators. It is a complex project and varies dependent on requirements!

Installing central heating can be an initially heavy investment but get in touch now for a hassle-free process and we can show you how much you could save in the long term and provide a dedicated, niche assessment of your needs.

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