Lower Your Home’s Carbon Footprint with an Air Source Heat Pump

Lower Your Home’s Carbon Footprint with an Air Source Heat Pump

Posted on August 30, 2023

Lowering your Carbon Footprint

Many households in the UK still have boilers that burn natural gas. This means whenever it gets a little cold and the heating is turned on, carbon is pumped into the environment. With the UK trying to reduce greenhouse emissions and achieve a net-zero status by 2050, switching to an eco-friendlier alternative makes sense. But what exactly are air source heat pumps and can they lower your home’s carbon footprint?

What is an Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump is a low-carbon alternative to a traditional boiler. Heat is extracted from the air and used to warm a special refrigerant liquid. When the liquid gets warm enough it turns into a gas and is compressed to boost the temperature even higher. The heated gas can then be transferred into a central heating system or hot water system. As the heat is transferred into the home, the temperature of the gas falls and it returns back to a liquid state, ready for the cycle to start over again.

Do Heat Pumps Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Heat pumps rely on electricity, not gas, to work. They’re therefore kinder to the environment than traditional boilers. While installing a newer boiler is always a good idea, heat pumps are becoming a top option for eco-friendly households. For bigger or draughtier properties with poor insulation, heat pumps can work alongside efficient boilers to create a cosy environment. Speak to hybrid heat installers to find out the best option for your property.

How Much CO2 Does a Heat Pump Save?

Installing a heat pump could cut your carbon emissions by a whopping 23 tonnes over ten years. That’s the same as taking around 30 flights to Spain and back. Heat pump installation is also quick and hassle-free, so it’s worth taking the time to look into this heating solution further, particularly if you’re keen to reduce outgoings. The number of people benefiting from low-carbon solutions is increasing and you could benefit too.

Will An Air Source Heat Pump Save Me Money?

A heat pump can save you money and reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. The amount you will save will depend on your energy usage and whether you rely on the heat pump only or whether you have a hybrid system that triggers the boiler when necessary. If you’ve a hybrid system, be sure to invest in a newer boiler as these are much more efficient and don’t burn as much natural gas, thereby saving you money.

What About Heat Pump Maintenance?

Annual heat pump maintenance is recommended and you can buy heat pump cover to help you cover the cost of repairs and servicing. Air source heat pumps are hassle-free and can work even in sub-zero temperatures. But maintenance is recommended to ensure your pump works efficiently.

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