Be One of the First To Book a Virtual Appointment

Be One of the First To Book a Virtual Appointment

Posted on October 11, 2016

Whether it’s the demands of your career, outside interests and hobbies, friends and relatives or the time needed to adequately care for your family and spend quality time with them, the fact remains that most people have too much to do and too little time in which to do it.

Trying to reorganise chores and commitments in order to accommodate a visit to your property for boiler replacement work, repairs or completely new boiler installations can therefore be very complicated and even frustrating, and if multiple visits are required the disruption can be significant.

Many people try to book in appointments at the weekend. However, it’s not always possible to get a weekend slot due to the high demand from others. In most cases, the only alternative is then to take time off work to wait in for the engineer to attend during the week. This could mean a half or even a whole day off work.

Virtual Appointments: The Innovative Alternative to Engineer Visits

Our solution to this modern-day dilemma is our new virtual appointment service. Although there are many gas services that require an engineer to physically attend the site to carry out works, we appreciate that in many circumstances a virtual boiler quote in cases where new boilers are to be installed, will be more than adequate to gather the information required.

This simple yet effective and efficient solution means that as long as you have a decent wifi connection and free access to all areas of the property where the work is to be carried out, you only need to take around half an hour out of your busy schedule, and we can use either Skype or FaceTime to complete the task. It couldn’t be easier!

Who Could Benefit from a Virtual Appointment?

Aside from those on a tight schedule, our virtual appointments could also benefit customers in other situations. A virtual boiler quote could be an ideal solution for a vulnerable person requiring a boiler replacement quote, for instance. In this scenario, the customer or a trusted companion could “show” the engineer around the property. This helps to relieve the added stress of having multiple visits to the home before the work starts.

Our virtual surveys are as detailed as those carried out when during real appointments. During the session, we’ll view all relevant areas of the property, including the flue on the outside of the building. This therefore allows us to give a detailed and accurate fixed quote for the scope of the work. Your quote is then emailed, giving you time to review it and ask any questions.

To be one of the first to experience a virtual boiler quote with Aura Heating, book your appointment today.