How to Reduce Energy Bills with a Boiler Replacement

How to Reduce Energy Bills with a Boiler Replacement

Posted on August 13, 2016

Did you know that an average of 60% of a household’s energy bills go on heating? This makes it even more imperative to get the right boiler and heating system. The idea of replacing your boiler may be painful, with the looming fear of a huge bill and the prospect of no hot showers while it’s being fitted. In reality, getting a new boiler is a way to refresh your heating system and reduce energy bills. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust has calculated that a household in a semi-detached house could save up to £215 per year. Here are just a few ways in which replacing your old boiler can save those pennies.

Modern Boilers Are More Energy-Efficient

While putting off replacing your old boiler may be tempting, thecosts of running an inefficient boiler can quickly add up. That one-off lump sum seems scary, but over time it will certainly even out and save you money. What’s more, there will be no hassle with getting the engineers in every few months.

All modern boilers are condenser boilers; with large heat exchangers that recover energy from hot gases that escape up the flue.

You Can Adapt It to Your Household

Different household have different needs, so if your heating system is designed for a family of six when there’s only three of you, you may be able to reduce energy bills by switching your system. Regular boilers, for example, are brilliant for large families who need plenty of hot water. Whereas smaller households who need less hot water can save money with a combi boiler. These do not have a hot water cylinder and so therefore loses less energy.

You Can Adapt It to Your Home

In addition, you can now adapt your system to the size of your property. These days not all boilers need cylinders, so small houses undergoing a boiler replacement can save a large amount of money by choosing a combi boiler and getting rid of the hefty cylinder.

Make Greener Choices

If you’re considering a new boiler, you might like to consider how you can reduce your impact on the environment too. For example, it could be a great time to get solar panels installed to reduce your energy use. Just bear in mind that solar panels are not compatible with combi boilers.

There are also plenty of green incentives out there that could help you with a boiler replacement and investment in a low-carbon options such as a heat pump or even biomass.

Whether your boiler is already giving up the ghost or you’re planning ahead, there’s no time like the present to find out what options are out there for your home. Click here to et a no obligation quote.