Top Tips for Caring for your Boiler

Top Tips for Caring for your Boiler

Posted on August 20, 2016

When it comes to household jobs that keep getting put off, boiler maintenance and caring for your boiler is definitely on the list. It’s something we all think we can leave for another day, week or month. And then a year later, the boiler still hasn’t been serviced and we’re that bit closer to a big repairs bill.

Servicing, whether your boiler is brand new or a bit long in the tooth, is vitally important. Making sure everything is working well helps with your heating bills and ensures everything is safe. But it’s not just the annual boiler maintenance service that’s important. There are tips for caring for your boiler that everyone can do to make sure their central heating is performing.

Clear Out the Junk

In many older houses, the boiler can often be found in an airing cupboard or similar built-in storage space. It will then be surrounded by all kinds of household items that get squeezed in around it. This can hinder your boiler’s performance by reducing ventilation –  clear it out and give your boiler room to breathe. Making sure the boiler isn’t forgotten when it comes to general tidying and dusting is also important, whether it’s on the wall in the kitchen or in an airing cupboard upstairs. Giving the boiler housing a regular clean will stop dust from getting into the housing and impairing performance.

Check Radiator Performance

When your heating is on, take a moment to place your hand on each radiator and make sure they’re warm from top to bottom. If there’s a cool spot along the top, that’s a sign that there’s a pocket of air in the system and that the radiator needs bleeding. Once the heating is off and the radiators are cool, you can bleed the radiator to get rid of the air pocket. The next time you use it, it’ll be toasty warm from top to bottom.

Keep an Eye on Pressure

One of the things that annual boiler servicing will examine is that the pressure of your boiler is correct. You can also keep an eye on this yourself by regularly checking the boiler’s pressure gauge. If the pressure drops, it could be a leak, so call a heating specialist to come and investigate.

Don’t Ignore Problems

It’s very important not to ignore any seemingly small problems that might crop up. Perhaps the boiler makes a noise you’ve not heard before, or perhaps the water isn’t as hot as usual. Whatever the issue, don’t ignore it. Call a heating specialist urgently as caring for your boiler now can help to avoid bigger problems down the line.

It’s also worth considering boiler service contracts,which we provide to customers in Portsmouth, Southampton and beyond. Maintenance contracts on a monthly or annual payment basis offer a range of services to help care for your boiler. These include emergency call-outs and annual servicing and inspection by fully qualified engineers. You’ll enjoy having peace of mind that everything is running efficiently and safely.