What do I do if my boiler isn’t working properly?

What do I do if my boiler isn’t working properly?

Posted on December 23, 2019

Your boiler is the heart and centre of your home – whether you realise it or not. Perhaps that’s why its referred to as central heating. However, sometimes it can take a breakdown or a fault to make us truly appreciate it’s value or even, notice it at all!

When the misfortune strikes and your boiler is on the brink – either breaking down regularly or not working at all, perhaps you are faced with the question – do you proceed to repair or just replace?

The first thing to consider is the age of the boiler. After about 10 years, boiler manufacturers tend to discontinue spares and accessories on a vast range of boilers – making repairs almost impossible to carry out with official or approved parts. The older boiler also tend to be the least efficient. With age, your boiler will deteriorate and become less and less efficient naturally – as will most things with mechanical parts. The less efficient they are, the more money they will cost, it’s been estimated that approximately 60% of the average households’ annual fuel bills will go on your boiler so it makes sense that you have the best and most efficient boiler in your home! Energy bills notoriously rise each year – making it more and more important to limit expenses as much as possible, if your boiler is over 7 years old – it’s likely it is not an energy-efficient, condensing boiler. The cost of the day to day running of your boiler should certainly be a big consideration when deciding whether to pay out for repairs or, to bite the bullet and replace it.

Apart from the age of your boiler, there are other more obvious warning signs that tell you that your boiler is possibly on its way out and you could do with getting a new one.

These are, your boiler is suffering from breakdowns frequently, meaning you are often calling out engineers or engaging in painstaking google searching or stressfully trying to arrange time off work perhaps to arrange a repair. If your boiler has started to release a strange smell, becomes noisy or the flame is yellowing, this is a sure-fire sign a new boiler is required too. We do have lots of helpful tips around the website and lots of useful hints, blogs, and information on what services we can offer. Although, if you just need someone to talk to about the issues you are facing or would like help weighing up your options – feel free to call us on 02392 252171 or, please send us your queries via our contact page.

The price of replacing a boiler costs less than you might think, especially because Aura Heating offers the possibility of spreading the costs along with a 12-year guarantee. The easiest way to make a decision – is to look at how much repairs could cost throughout the year or 2-3 years even of an older boiler (that will eventually need to be replaced soon anyway) against the cost of paying out to replace it entirely.

Besides the money-saving aspects, there are other aspects to be considered! Whether you have a cozy, one-bedroom apartment or a classic Victorian terrace or a 6-bedroom family home – you want to make your home your own, not have a bulky or tired, older looking boiler on the wall! With the new design improvements, newer boilers are not just smaller but also quieter – an amazing plus when/if a boiler must be in a place close to bedrooms! Resulting in many more options for replacement. Aura Heating can help you today as the leading boiler expert in the South of England.