When Will Gas Boilers Be Banned?

When Will Gas Boilers Be Banned?

Posted on August 2, 2021

There has been much in the news about the future of gas boilers recently, and how they will soon be banned.

Are you thinking about replacing your boiler and feeling unsure about what to buy? We want to let you know that you have nothing at all to worry about.

If you’re worried that your boiler will automatically be banned come 2025 then fear not – This is not the case.

Any gas boiler you buy now, will have the capability to run on natural gas for its product lifetime.

As with any appliance, technology is always changing, developing and improving. As we become more mindful of the effect our energy usage has on our environment and planet, we simultaneously try to improve the way our appliances work and how they run.

When it comes to gas boilers, changes are indeed coming. One of our preferred boiler suppliers, Worcester Bosch, are pioneering the development of new technologies when it comes to heating our homes.

We all want to ensure a smooth transition to a more sustainable future. Worcester Bosch are committed to this, and so are the team here at Aura Heating.

Where will we see change first, when it comes to gas boilers?

The first place we will see more sustainable changes when it comes to heating our homes, will be in new builds.

This is the most straight forward way of introducing renewable heating technologies into our homes, and we’ll start to see this from 2023.

This is to help ensure we achieve our goal of reducing carbon emissions.

Did you know?

Worcester Bosch gas boilers already have the capability to run on a 20% hydrogen blend.

Hydrogen-ready boilers will become more widespread during 2025, but the road to 100% prevalence of hydrogen boilers will likely be more towards 2030.

Worcester Bosch are dedicated to making it a seamless transition to hydrogen boilers and their future boilers will be 100% hydrogen ready.

It’s been a decade in the making

This isn’t just a knee-jerk reaction to climate change and government pledges.

The development of Worcester Bosch boilers has been a decade of coming up with more sustainable solutions. By the time you have to make a decision about your gas boiler – Which could be in another decade – You will have the choice of a heat pump or 100% hydrogen, zero-carbon boiler.

We won’t leave you out in the cold

Whenever the transition comes, Aura Heating will be here to help make it as simple for you as possible. If you want to know more about the gas boiler ban, head to our previous blog here.

If you think you might need to replace your boiler, get in touch with us today and our boiler experts will be pleased to advise you. You can also get a free new boiler quote via our website here.