Winter Checklist: Why Boiler Cover and Servicing are Important

Winter Checklist: Why Boiler Cover and Servicing are Important

Posted on December 14, 2021

Christmas lights are twinkling, drinks are being mulled and everyone is starting to turn inward ready for the festive season. This is the time of year when our homes tend to feel cosiest – Christmas lights, cosy socks, blankets and steaming mugs of hot chocolate. How very hygge!

If you’re not familiar with hygge, it’s a Danish tradition that has soared in popularity recently and basically means a cosy mood, full of wellness and contentment. Think candlelight, comforting cups of cocoa and snuggly socks accompanied with feelings of peace and calm. Perfect at this time of year!

But we’ll tell you what’s not cosy and hygge – A house with a broken-down boiler and no heating or hot water!

Making sure your boiler is serviced and your heating system is covered and working as it should probably isn’t on your Christmas to-do-list. And we know – The list seems endless! Buying presents, wrapping gifts, ordering food, scheduling to see friends and family, and the multitude of Christmassy chaos that having school age children brings.

But no one’s going to be enjoying themselves if they’re shivering into their plate of turkey. Having a warm home tends to be something we take a bit for granted. We only really notice it’s there when it’s, well, not!

A cold home does not make for a cosy Christmas. This is all sounding a bit bah humbug, isn’t it? But we don’t want to go all doom and gloom on you with just over a week to go until the big day itself!

So here are our top reasons for ensuring your boiler servicing is up to date and you have adequate boiler cover in place this Winter.

  1. It’s not just about staying warm

It’s fairly obvious that good maintenance habits through annual boiler services plus boiler cover is important to ensure your home stays warm – But it also helps keep your family safe too. Staying up-to-date with boiler services help to make sure that everything is working as it should, and that no harmful gases like carbon monoxide are leaking out. Any work carried out on your gas boiler should always be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Not only does good boiler habits and maintenance keep your family safe and warm, it also helps to identify any potential issues and get them sorted before they start causing bigger problems or a boiler breakdown.

Most boiler cover plans include an annual boiler service. Why not organise it now and go into the festive season knowing that we’ve got you covered should your boiler or heating system fail.

  1. You could reduce your heating bills

Many people dread the Winter – Not only because it’s darker and colder, but because we rely on our heating system so much more and thus our heating bills go up. Rather dramatically in some cases! Making sure your boiler is serviced regularly should mean that it is working at its optimum efficiency. An inefficient boiler and heating system will only make your heating bills more costly.

We know it doesn’t seem like you’re saving money by paying out for a boiler service – But you’re likely saving yourself a much larger sum over a period of time. And if you take out boiler care cover then you’ll probably get an annual boiler service thrown in for free!

  1. Avoid any nasty, expensive surprises

In-keeping with the saving money theme – Taking out a boiler care plan could save you from some very nasty and expensive breakdowns and repairs. It might seem like you’re paying out all the time, but it’s highly likely to be a very worthwhile investment. You can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll be covered should you need to have any repairs carried out.

Generally people regard paying a budgeted monthly cost for boiler cover a better option than the surprise alternative of having to arrange and pay for an unexpected boiler repair or breakdown!

  1. Are you taking steps to keep your boiler warranty valid?

Did you know that most boiler manufacturer’s stipulate that boilers must be serviced annually to remain in warranty? Another reason why it’s so important to make sure you are servicing your boiler regularly with a gas Safe registered engineer.

Boiler warranty is different to boiler care cover. Boiler warranty is from the manufacturer of your boiler, and covers only your boiler. So any issues with your heating system, for example, the radiators, would not be covered with boiler warranty.

Boiler care cover comes in different packages depending on the needs of your home. Even if your boiler is still in warranty, it’s worth taking our boiler care cover to help with any repairs or issues with your boiler or heating system.

  1. Are you a landlord?

If you are a landlord, then you are hopefully aware of the rules and regulations you have to abide by when it comes to boilers and other gas appliances. By law, landlords must have boilers serviced once per year plus gas safety checks.

Boiler cover plans make so much sense for landlords, especially if you have multiple properties! Not only will you be complying with the law, you will also be helping cover this repeated expense plus any unexpected repairs, breakdowns and call outs.


Boiler cover’s for life, not just for Christmas*


*Obviously boiler cover is only for as long as you pay for it… But seriously – Boiler cover isn’t just for the Winter months, it’s handy to have it there to rely on all year round. In fact, boiler services are a good idea to carry out over the Summer months when you’re less reliant on your boiler (and with boiler cover you won’t have to pay for it!).

But there’s no doubt that Winter is when you’re likely to reap the benefits of taking boiler cover out. As the colder months are when we use our boiler and heating system the most, it makes sense that you’re more likely to have a boiler issue or breakdown during the Winter.

The maths speaks for itself. Either you can run the risk of a repair or breakdown and have to cover the cost unexpectedly. Not what you want around Christmas time!  Or you can take out boiler cover and know that any surprise repairs or faulty parts will be covered by your budgeted monthly fee.

Let our dedicated team here at Aura Heating look after your boiler maintenance and repair needs by signing up to our monthly boiler cover plans. Click the link to find out more, or give our friendly team a call.

So while you’re busy running around preparing for the perfect Christmas – Don’t forget some of the more practical things too. Like making sure your boiler is up-to-date with services and your boiler cover is in place should anything go awry.