Worcester Bosch Named Most Improved Boiler Brand

Worcester Bosch Named Most Improved Boiler Brand

Posted on November 19, 2016

Worcester Bosch boilers have been named as a brand leading the way in boiler improvements by no less an authority than Which? – the famous independent consumer advice service. In a survey conducted among heating engineers, more of them praised the improved performance of Worcester boilers than almost all other brands. (Ideal boilers were also praised but no brand scored higher).

How to Make A Wise Investment

A new boiler, as we all know, is a substantial investment, so it is important to take good advice about reliability and performance before choosing your brand. The Which? survey of top boiler brands discovered that the worst boiler brands are more than twice as likely to break down over a six-year period than the best ones. Five of the top brands weren’t even mentioned by a single engineer.

Which? reports are rightfully respected for their thoroughness and reliability. They provide you with detailed comparisons and reviews across the full spectrum of rival boiler types, and you will find Worcester Bosch boilers leading the field. In fact, every one of the 33 boilers in the Greenstar range has been awarded a Which? Best Buy.

The factors you will need to consider when choosing your boiler are performance and efficiency, reliability, the ease of servicing and repair and the availability of spare parts if needed. Greenstar boilers all scored highly for their performance and their efficiency, and both engineers and consumers praised them for reliability and ease of maintenance. In fact, in their 2015 survey these boilers had the highest overall score of all gas boiler brands, and their rating was 4% higher than the closest competitor.

Impartial Advice from Real Customers Just Like You

Which? Best Buys are only awarded to products that they have either tested or surveyed themselves and have proven to be the best products in their category. In the case of boilers, their Best Buys are based on customer feedback, which means their ratings are based on the performance of actual boilers in real people’s homes, not just on lab tests in artificial contexts. In the gas boiler survey, this boiler brand has won Best Buys every year since 2010.

Which? have not yet produced a similar comprehensive survey of oil-fired boilers, but Worcester boilers also received praise in this category too. A Which? Trusted Trader says, “They have great build quality, good after-sales support and they’re easy to install”.

One more thing not to be overlooked when considering your new boiler is, of course, your service plan, and here again Worcester Bosch are proud to be able to proclaim that they have received the highest customer satisfaction score of any plan on the market for five years running.

If you still aren’t quite convinced, don’t take our word for it – check out the Which? reports for yourselves. You aren’t just buying a boiler – you’re buying peace of mind.